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We are making every effort to procure as much product as possible, but sourcing realities limit our ability to offer customers the quantities requested. As of today, we don't expect this situation to change in the near term, and the risk is increasing that we may periodically run out of certain items in the weeks ahead. Over time we believe that supply should go back to normal as our factories adjust to the new demand.

We have updated our Covid-19 policies to the following:

- Due to the Covid-19 crisis existing customers (purchased within the past 2 years) can purchase based upon their monthly average. If your last purchase was over 2 years you may purchase up to 2 cases every 30 days. Orders may be modified or cancelled if exceeding current policies.

- Purchases allowed 30 days from last order.

- Historic purchasing data from existing customers will be applied to help us manage the allocation of items.

These policies may be revised in the future based upon industry demands. We thank you for your patience and understanding and we applaud you for the care you provide under extraordinary circumstances. We remain committed to updating you throughout this challenging time as new information becomes available.